Meet Our Team

meet our team

Richard Custer - Regional Manager

I am an accomplished Mortgage Banking Leader with over 3 decades experience in all facets of the Mortgage Banking industry. I believe in serving my customers by providing excellence through listening to their needs and providing guidance to help them accomplish their goals! I have worked in roles from entrepreneurial to management to senior-level executive. I stand where I am today because of a) the help and support of a stellar team and b) my passion for all aspects of mortgage lending. Due to my unique childhood growing up as a missionary child in Nigeria, my philosophy in life has always been this: Pay it forward and serve others with God's love, whether as a manager, coach, mentor, friend, or husband. I believe perseverance and determination are the key ingredients to success. Whether in business or life, we'll find ourselves in difficult circumstances. But these tests can become our testimony.

Through the ups and downs life has thrown my way, I've developed Five Core Tenants, the framework through which we can live purposeful lives no matter what season we're in.

1. Honesty is the best policy.

2. Integrity is the essence of leadership.

3. Open communication leads to deeper connections.

4. Agility and adaptability lead to victory.

5. It's always too early to give up.

I've had the privilege to serve thousands of customers throughout my career thus far, and I love listening to my customers goals and sharing my knowledge with them to help attain them. There is no better feeling than traveling with customers on their journey and celebrating their wins along the way.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve your lending needs. I am here for you and honored to work with you! Do not ever hesitate to ask any question and you may always call me, email me or text me! I work a lot on referrals, and I always appreciate my customers referring their family and friends to me!

Direct line: 704.408.6818

Richard Custer

Passionate about serving others.

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